THE MARK OF CAIN. Misdemeanors that can affect your life forever

The computer age is both a godsend and a curse.  One of the negative problems is that arrests and convictions of misdemeanors can remain part of a record forever.  Do not think that a plea to disorderly conduct, affray, battery [a bar fight for example], family violence, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, furnishing a minor with alcohol, DUI, and a host of other misdemeanors, won't be a problem in being hired, promoted, fired, being allowed on a job-site.  We have had people call us to try to get what they did undone on a routine basis; a most difficult but not impossible task.  Don't wait to call a good lawyer to represent you on serious charges until after you pled guilty to them on your own.  Don't deal with the charge lightly.  It will be a part of your life for a long, long, time. Call us today to represent you as soon after arrest as possible.  Every day is critical to investigating and preparing your defense for success..  Call us at 770-253-7778 for an appointment to arrange representation.