A GOOD BLOG: Liberty and Justice for Y'all: Can a Civil Penalty Trigger Double Jeopardy?

A good article on Double Jeopardy:  The fear of the Count of Monte Cristo and an often overlooked issue:

THE MARK OF CAIN. Misdemeanors that can affect your life forever

The computer age is both a godsend and a curse.  One of the negative problems is that arrests and convictions of misdemeanors can remain part of a record forever.  Do not think that a plea to disorderly conduct, affray, battery [a bar fight for example], family violence, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, furnishing a minor with alcohol, DUI, and a host of other misdemeanors, won't be a problem in being hired, promoted, fired, being allowed on a job-site.  We have had people call us to try to get what they did undone on a routine basis; a most difficult but not impossible task.  Don't wait to call a good lawyer to represent you on serious charges until after you pled guilty to them on your own.  Don't deal with the charge lightly.  It will be a part of your life for a long, long, time. Call us today to represent you as soon after arrest as possible.  Every day is critical to investigating and preparing your defense for success..  Call us at 770-253-7778 for an appointment to arrange representation.

Beware of Being Over Enforced

2008 Georgia Chiefs want to reintroduce speed traps: REPORT


Here is an article I will start with that begins my history of Georgia Speed Traps and why the State Patrol was exempted from the Speed Trap Laws. They were exempted because their Commandant stood in the legislature and assured the lawmakers that they would never set up speed traps because they were state employees, their mission was solely to patrol the roads of Georgia not park like "Smokey" and trap people and they were offended by anyone would dare think they would ever do such a thing.
SPECIAL REPORT: A speed trap's bad rap

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